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Miss Chic Branding is for you dear Entrepreneuress. Let’s make your business idea shine. If you have a business or dreaming to start one, let’s work together on your brand and make it irresistible.


It’s your time to spread your wings and fly!

My name is Daria DiCieli. I spent years illustrating, making chic websites and award winning video intros with watercolor. I worked for Cosmopolitan, Elle, Madame, Condé Nast Germany, Hallmark, Papyrus, to name a few.


Traveling all around the world working for luxurious brands and stores decorations. By incorporating all this experience, there is a lot we can do with beautifying your brand and make it grow to the next level.

There is a chic way to do business – strawberry in one hand a glass of champagne in the other.


Every project that I do, I create with the magical touch of watercolors. Everything will be designed custom for you so that it truly represents your message and speaks to your audience.

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